Map. History of Alabama conflict

21 November 2017
“If you can’t go to a mall in Alabama, maybe you shouldn’t go to the Senate.” - Lindsey Graham
Press Sec. Sanders tells @White House believes Alabama voters should make decision on Roy Moore, despite Kellyanne Conway's comments today.
Police are investigating a burned vehicle and conducting a death investigation at a Trussville home. Firefighters responded to a car fire in front a house on Smith Simms Road at Mountain Ridge Road around 6:20 a.m. One of the home's three residents then discovered the body of another resident, a man in his early 60s, in the back bedroom
A man is dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds in Birmingham early Sunday morning. Birmingham police identified the victim as 29-year-old Morry Green. Authorities say police officers responded to the 10 block 4th Avenue North around 12:30 a.m. to a call of a man shot. Officers found the man dead from what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds.
Police: 6-year-old accidentally shot by sibling in Mountain Brook, Ala., and the crash happened on the way to the hospital
Birmingham, Alabama shooting at Gaywood Circle and Montclair Road: 1 injured
Birmingham, Alabama shooting at Gaywood Circle and Montclair Road: 1 injured
Birmingham, Alabama shooting at 10 block of 4th Avenue North: 1 killed
Birmingham, Alabama shooting at 10 block of 4th Avenue North: 1 killed
The front page of today’s Birmingham News.
"So he no longer backs Roy Moore?" Marc Short: "I think he thinks it's best for the people of Alabama to make that decision."
[email protected] on Moore: It is in the best interest of the country and Alabama for Roy Moore to find something else to do.
[email protected] on Roy Moore/Alabama Senate race: Allegations are stronger than the denial and Moore should find something else to do, that was my way of saying he should not be in the race.
Marc Short on Trump's position on Roy Moore: "We are uncomfortable with the explanations that Roy Moore has given to date."
[email protected] on accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Sen Al Franken: They all deserve due process…This type of behavior is unacceptable.
[email protected] on Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Sen Al Franken: I think all of them should take responsibility for their behavior.
[email protected] on Roy Moore: "I read his denials, I listened to his radio interview, and I did not find him to be credible."
Huntsville: Alabama State Troopers say they were on the scene of a car crash involving a pedestrian on Alabama 99 in Limestone County. The call came in just after 5 p.m. of a pedestrian struck. The victim, 74-year-old Cordell Barnett, was pronounced dead at the scene.
Mobile (Prichard), Alabama shooting at Elm Street and Wilson Street: 1 injured
Huntsville, Alabama shooting at Pulaski Pike and Poplar Avenue: 1 injured
[email protected] says President Trump thinks it's up to governor, people of Alabama over whether to delay ALSen election.
Jackson: Jalesa Gaines, 23, has been charged with abuse to a corpse after police in Jackson discovered a dead baby in the trunk of her car. Authorities found the deceased infant Tuesday during a traffic stop. They later learned Gaines was the child's mother.
Alabama GOP: "The ALGOP Steering Committee supports Judge Roy Moore as our nominee and trusts the voters as they make the ultimate decision in this crucial race."
White House: Trump believes voters of Alabama should decide Roy Moore's fate, finds allegations `very troubling'
"The people of Alabama should be the ones to make the decision" is @POTUS stance on candidacy of Roy Moore in ALSen race, says @PressSec.
Roy Moore: "I want to tell you who needs to step down - that's Mitch McConnell."
Roy Moore: "I'll quit standing when they lay me in that box and put me in the ground."
Roy Moore: "We've got to stop judicial supremacy."
Roy Moore: "This is an effort by Mitch McConnell and his cronies to steal this election from the people of Alabama."
Roy Moore: "The @washingtonpost has brought some scurrilous, false allegations They're not only untrue but they have no evidence to support them."